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OLIVIA--The sweet daughter of Hiram Flaversham is poised right between the sweet little girl and spirited heroine stages. If there is ever a sequel to this movie, Olivia would be a spunky lead character. She loves her father and is determined to find him, but realizes her own limitations. Her design is very cute, especially when she wears that hat. Her accent is very accurate and endearing and unique. Olivia is LOVABLE. My favorite line--"Flaversham!"

Top Ten Olivia Quotes:
10. "You're the best father in the whole world!"
9. "I haven't got a mother."
8. "Mr. Dawson, you were wonderful!"
7. "I must find my father."
6. "Let me go!"
5. "Daddy, where are you?"
4. "Sit, Toby."
3. "I'll never forget you, Basil."
2. "Basil's smarter than you!"
1. "Flaversham!"

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Pictures courtesy of Mlle. Irene Relda's GMD Gallery.

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